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"Touch type" is a technique for character input at high speed from the keyboard without looking at the keyboard. In addition, there is also one side to protect the health of people dealing with the computer not only say that the fast type can.

Please observe the people who are working with the keyboard. Some hit the key to look at the hand, check the characters look at the screen, also see the hand. Some people look at the screen with upturned eyes, some people see by moving the whole head. To would tiring eyes in this, the shoulder is stiff. If you can touch type, all the work has been completed while looking at the screen.

"Touch type" is, to observe the health, is absolutely technology to be mastered in order to efficiently work.

Button markThe reason that you can enter without looking at the keyboard

You are because will be stored the distance and direction from the home position key to your finger to the desired key. And if hit the desired key, finger is immediately returned to the home position key, you can prepare for the next input.

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Point of type practice is that you do not see the hand absolutely. The sense of direction and the distance to the characters is the purpose of the practice be stored in the finger. Not this feeling grew up in response to the help of vision that determine by looking.

The ideal type exercise method is to display the image, such as watching a hand on the screen of the personal computer, and is to perform the exercises while emulate the movement. Even in absolute beginner, you can be learned easily correct touch type Using this method. It is this website that is made to achieve this.

At the top of this page, there is a video that is moving finger over the keyboard. Click on the "Important" or "Start Guidance" button in this video. Guidance of the way of placing the finger to the home position will begin. Please grabbed the sense that input without looking at hand in accordance with guidance. .